Trent Leslie, MS

Research Associate, Bioinformatics

Raised in Ashland, Ohio, Trent earned his Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Saint Louis University in 2006. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's in Biology from the University of Cincinnati, which he completed in 2013. Trent embarked on his professional journey in the oil and gas industry in Kansas, where he gained valuable experience in land title research and contract negotiations. His career trajectory took a turn when he joined MadTree Brewing in Cincinnati, dedicating over seven years to spearhead and develop the company's quality program. In 2021, Trent relocated to the Greater Seattle Area, returning to his graduate school roots in bioinformatics. He took on the role of Bioinformatics Contractor at EMD Serono R&D Institute. During this tenure, his work involved complex tasks including bulk and single-cell RNA-seq, survival analysis, and functional enrichment. Outside of his professional life, Trent is an avid outdoor enthusiast. He spends his free time exploring the scenic landscapes of Western Washington, boating through the Puget Sound, and dabbling in wildlife photography.