Imagine a world where we could prevent disease before it begins.

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We are a nonprofit research organization taking a data-driven approach to better understanding human health and biology, tackling some of the biggest challenges facing medicine and healthcare today.

Integrating Multi-Omic
Health Data

Center for Human Healthspan

Phenome Health and the Buck Institute have entered into a strategic partnership, leading to the development of the new interdisciplinary Center for Human Healthspan. Our shared mission is to advance the cutting-edge science of aging.

Latest News

Shifting healthcare from a disease orientation to a focus on wellness has the potential to be the most transformational change in the history of medicine. Our partner ecosystem is working to catalyze this change through a data-driven, systems approach to health and wellness.

Lee Hood, MD, PhD
Founder and CEO, Phenome Health

We are partnering with leading organizations to drive the future of healthcare.

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