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What if we were all born with our own personal instruction manual that showed us how to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life? What if that “how-to” set of instructions was a dynamic reference that changed as we changed, allowing us to navigate our personal journey to life-long wellness? The phenome is just such an individualized primer, containing a wealth of information and knowledge that reflects and informs our health, our wellbeing, our healthy aging and our lives.

Phenome is me, it's you, it's us.

Your Phenome is the unique product of your genetics, your behavior, and your environment. Our Phenome gives us the power to predict where we need to go on our journey to optimal wellness by looking at who we are, down to our unique DNA. It teaches us the tools of prevention to avoid disease and illness, ensuring that our future is full of health and prosperity. It gives you and your healthcare providers the data you need to make informed decisions about your health—not standardized treatments or advice, but personalized, tailored wellness support. Everyone has a phenome! We all come with our own personal “how-to” and here at Phenome Health, we want to help you unlock your own unique set of instructions, cover-to-cover, empowering you to take control of your own health and wellness. Phenome is me, it’s you, it’s us. Together, we will create an equitable, personalized model of healthcare that supports everyone.

Featured Project

Beyond the Human Genome (BHG)

Phenome Health has initiated the Beyond the Human Genome project to work with one million people across the spectrum of human diversity. We will leverage cutting-edge technologies to understand how to optimize the health trajectory of each individual. 

Our Science

The human phenome is a remarkable ecosystem

Genetics are not your fate

While genetics influence your health and disease risk - they are not your fate. Tens-of-thousands of genes produce hundreds-of-thousands of proteins that interact with thousands of metabolites and millions of resident microbes that live in our bodies - all influenced by lifestyle choices and environmental exposures.

Assessing phenome snapshots

This remarkable ecosystem creates for each of us our human “phenome” that defines an infinity of snapshots of each of us across our lives. We can assess these phenome snapshots by blood, brain, and fecal tests and they inform us to how to optimize our health and control our aging.

Accelerating medical discovery

These measurements allow us to predict disease before it occurs and provides an opportunity to prevent disease before it ever starts clinically. We now have the technology to measure and explore the complex molecular interactions of the human phenome to accelerate medical discovery and innovation.

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