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Your phenome is a snapshot of your biology comprising all the traits you can see, like eye and hair color, and numerous traits you can’t see, like immune, brain and heart system functions. Your phenome is dynamic and constantly changing because it is influenced by your genes, your behavior, and your environment–and we all have different combinations of those factors.

The Human Phenome

The Human Genome

Three billion DNA subunits make up the human genome, a unique sequence for each individual. But your genome alone does not provide the complete picture of your health.

We follow our health trajectory and attempt to predict the course it may take in the future. The changes in our health can be rapid—such as a bout with the flu that comes and goes quickly—or gradual. When we are able to look back at our health trajectory over time, it empowers us to see where we are  headed in the future. But how do we track our health trajectory?

Optimize our Health Trajectory