Lance Pflieger, PhD

Sr. Data Scientist

Dr. Pflieger is an Informatician with broad training in medical and translational informatics, plus intensive training in bioinformatics. He received his B.S. in Biology from Utah State University and continued in academia gaining wet-lab experience at the University of Utah Department ofNeurology. Dr. Pflieger obtained his PhD in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Utah where he quantified and assessed the effect of uncertainty in the biomedical models. His postdoctoral work was done at City of Hope with Andrea Bild and the Cancer Systems BiologyConsortium Network. There, his work focused on the evolution of phenotypic heterogeneity in treatment resistant breast and ovarian tumors. After finishing his postdoc, Dr. Pflieger worked as a bioinformatician at Intermountain Healthcare where he aided in pipeline development andanalysis of the Heredigene Population Study Project. Recently, Dr. Pflieger joined the Hood-PriceLab at the Institute for Systems Biology and Phenome Health as a data scientist. His current work is focused on multiomic analysis using machine learning and network modeling to understandhuman health and longevity.

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