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You are one-of-a-kind. We all are. Each of us is a singular blend of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental characteristics, comprising a wellness profile that holds a wealth of valuable information for living a long, healthy life. We understand the importance of actively participating in our own wellness, but we also understand that there is more to wellness than just "diet and exercise" advice that everybody routinely hears from our doctors. 

But how do our genetics and lifestyle work together to define our health? To further explore this interplay, we conducted a study that incorporated a personalized program of lifestyle coaching—one tailored to the individual. The results: we observed clinical improvements in participants' overall health, helping advance our knowledge of the power of a personalized approach guided by an individual's unique set of actionable possibilities for optimal wellness. 

Results roundup:

  • People with a high genetic risk for LDL cholesterol (a proxy for heart disease) who also had high blood levels of LDL cholesterol could not reduce this analyte with lifestyle changes—only statins or similar drugs brought their levels down
  • In contrast, people with low genetic risk for LCL cholesterol who had high blood levels of LDL cholesterol reduced its level through lifestyle, diet, and exercise changes
  • Individuals at high risk for a genetic disease in many cases may have to be treated differently from those with low risk—meaning that personalized therapies powered by phenomic data are essential to adequate patient treatment in the future

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