Deep phenotyping during pregnancy for predictive and preventive medicine

Safeguarding wellness during pregnancy is the first priority of every expectant parent. The health of the mother is of paramount importance, but so is the health of the baby, which translates to wellness support for two–or possibly three if twins run in your family! However, there are other aspects to your heredity than whether or not you'll be welcoming two bundles of joy at the end of your pregnancy.

Deep phenotyping–or the approach of integrating genomic data with human phenotypic data, such as clinical, physiological, multi-omic, behavioral, and imaging data–is a powerful tool for pregnant mothers to ensure their health over the nine months of pregnancy and beyond by predicting and preventing complications before they compromise the health of mom and baby. 

Results roundup:

  • Tracking dynamic phenomic data for each pregnancy and deploying this information through patient-driven care initiatives would allow the identification of the earliest deviation from a normal pregnancy to disease, with personalized action plans could suggest safe interventions aimed at guiding 
  • Phenomic analysis in pregnancy offers the potential for three major benefits: (1) aid women and their providers in identifying at-risk pregnancies early, (2) improve care before and throughout pregnancy, and (3) reduce perinatal and postnatal morbidity and mortality and their consequences

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