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Moving Beyond BMI

While the traditional BMI measure has been used for decades, recent research shows that it may not provide an accurate assessment of metabolic health. About 30% of individuals classified as "normal weight" may have disrupted metabolic health due to BMI's inability to consider crucial factors such as muscle mass, bone density, or fat distribution. However, experts suggest incorporating additional measures, such as waist circumference or body composition, to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of an individual's health status.

Moreover, biological BMI, a multi-dimensional molecular measure of BMI calculated from blood measurements of proteins, metabolites, or clinical labs, is considered a more accurate and comprehensive measure of metabolic health than the traditional BMI. Unlike traditional BMI, biological BMI can identify misclassified individuals with a normal weight but disrupted metabolic health, who may not be currently monitored or treated. Incorporating biological BMI alongside traditional BMI measures could lead to more precise assessments of metabolic health and better health outcomes.


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