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Measuring the Impact of Phenomics


As we reach the quarter point of the 21st Century, breakthroughs in science and technology are enabling the diagnosis of thousands of diseases from vials of blood. However, our healthcare systems are slow to integrate these advancements that have the potential to revolutionize the way medicine is practiced. While some of these technologies have yet to be clinically validated, the primary barrier for their integration into our healthcare systems is not scientific—it is economic. Previous studies have examined the potential economic benefits of integrating individual technologies into clinical practice, but the true power of these technologies come when they are used in concert. Just as physicians and researchers seek to optimize our health, this white paper seeks to understand how we can optimize our healthcare spending. In some areas, implementing personalized principles can realize significant cost savings; in other areas, these principles may be cost neutral but deliver vastly improved healthcare outcomes. Here, we explore the potential economic impact and clinical benefits of integrating new technologies into standard clinical practice.

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