Data Security at Phenome Health

BJ Yurkovich

Today, data privacy and security are front-burner issues. On one end of the spectrum, information flows at record volumes given the accessibility of content and the format people choose to consume and create content, both personally and professionally. On the other end of the spectrum, bad actors are constantly finding ways to exploit ever-more complex and multifaceted information-systems to steal or to exploit data. 

At the center of these information systems are people—with varying technical abilities and security knowledge—who have to entrust their data to a complex collection of organizations if they want to participate in today’s computer- and device-mediated world. Most of us either do not realize it or ignore the realization: we put an amazing amount of trust in the services that transmit and store our data.

At Phenome Health, we are pursuing the ultimate goal: prevent disease and promote optimal wellness through science—P4 Medicine. Our science is predicated on data, so if you choose to participate in achieving your own optimal healthspan, you will need to entrust and provide your data to Phenome Health and our band of vetted and trusted partners. And not just any data: your medical data. These data are some of the most personal and private data you have and generate just by living in today’s world:

Each of these different categories of data have varying sizes, shapes, and structures, which requires us to use multiple methods to ensure that your data is kept safe–both while in transit and while being stored. 

Fortunately, Phenome Health has world-class data and security experts responsible for making sure your data is kept guarded while being transferred, and locked up tight while being stored. Not only that, but we’re all participants in the program, so we entrust our own data too. We leverage leading security technologies supported by some of the world’s most renowned security-focused organizations such as Google. Here are just some of the ways we are focused on keeping your data safe:

At Phenome Health, we are constantly thinking about data security and how to keep your data safe. It drove us to design our own core computational platform in the way we did—predicated on cutting-edge security measures. After all, our collective success in making wellness a core part of who we are requires us to share our data to gain actionable insights. We can’t achieve that mission without making sure everyone’s data (including our own!) is safe and protected.

This article was all about data security - but arguably just as important is Data Privacy @ Phenome Health. Read about our views on keeping your data private.

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