The best-kept secret in science is that the average person doesn't exist.
We are all unique. Whether it's because of the traits we inherit from our parents (our genome), the lifestyle and behaviors we pursue, or the environment we live in, our health is unique to us.
Our genes, behavior, and environment work together to produce our phenome—the continuously changing representation of our biology.
We can understand our phenome by looking at biological samples like our blood, gut microbes, and DNA, or lifestyle habits such as how much we exercise and our dietary patterns.
How do we study our phenome?
Biological Data
Lifestyle Data
Medical History
Brain Data
Understanding our phenome can empower us to take control over our health
We use cutting-edge research to decipher our unique phenome and make actionable recommendations. Phenomic research enables us to detect our bodies' health status and proclivity toward wellness or disease.
The body is a complex network of networks
Systems biology is about measuring observable characteristics (“phenotypes”) and connecting them to the molecular machines coded by our genes that are capable of executing the functions of life.
We use longitudinal phenomics—a holistic approach to collecting data on our phenome over time
This allows us to build a comprehensive digital image of our health and the factors that influence it. Our life and health are dynamic, so we benefit from identifying how our phenome changes in response to our lifestyle and environment changes.
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