Dr. Lee Hood Speaks at University of Calgary

Dr. Lee Hood Speaks at the University of Calgary. Here, Dr. Hood discusses his ambition to shift healthcare to a wellness and prevention focus by accomplishing the Human Phenome Initiative (formerly known as the Beyond Human Genome Project)
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Dr. Lee Hood Speaks at the Wellcome Sanger Institute

Dr. Lee Hood Explains Scientific Wellness, P4 Medicine, and the founding of Phenome Health.

Cambridge, UK

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Dr. Lee Hood Speaks at University of Tampa Commencement Ceremony

Dr. Lee Hood is accepts an honorary Ph.D. at the University of Tampa Commencement ceremony, speaking to the graduating class on how good health unleashes your potential and answering the question, "what is wellness?"

Tampa, FL

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Dr. Lee Hood Congressional Testimony "The Future of Biomedicine: Translating Biomedical Research into Personalized Health Care"

Dr. Hood addresses migrating the healthcare system from a disease focus to one focused on wellness and prevention with Committee on Energy and Commerce. ‍

Washington, D.C.

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Dr. Lee Hood and Scott Penberthy interview at Biofuture 2022

Lee Hood and Scott Penberthy discuss the future of a data-driven healthcare system at Biofuture 2022.

New York, NY

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Oxford Martin School Presentation: "P4 healthcare and precision population health - a transformation of healthcare"

Lee Hood Speaks at the Oxford Martin School about his vision for the future of healthcare. A healthcare system that seeks to be predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory (P4 health) is one that a systems approach may enable. Lee Hood proposes that healthcare needs to shift from a disease focus to a prevention and wellness orientation. In founding Phenome Health, Lee seeks to perform a "2nd human genome project" termed Beyond the Human Genome Project (now known as the Human Phenome Initiative) that will enable P4 healthcare.‍

Oxford, UK

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