The Human Phenome Initiative
We are faced with many challenges in healthcare today:
The US is falling behind in the development of technologies and their application to healthcare
The cost of healthcare is steadily rising, with the US spending over $4T annually
We need to promote health equity to ensure that new technologies and tools are applicable to all
We have started a precision population health initiative to address these challenges and drive the development of health technology
Years 1–4
~1k–10k person cohort(s), targeting chronic diseases
Goal: Develop and refine infrastructure capable of supporting secure data collection, processing, analysis, and return of results

Approach: Target chronic diseases like Type-2 Diabetes (T2D) that represent a massive burden to the healthcare system

Deliverables: An open-source platform to manage phenomic data collection; predictive models that can be immediately applied to T2D
Years 4–7
~10k–100k person cohort(s), targeting chronic diseases
Goal: Demonstrate the economic feasibility of implementing data-driven science in clinical practice

Approach: Partner with payers and providers to track cohorts large enough numbers to demonstrate economic feasibility over a 5-6 year period

Deliverables: An economic analysis that shows the value of proactive, preventive approaches over the current reactive, disease-centric healthcare model
Years 7–10
100k–1M+ person cohort, with broad, untargeted enrollment
Goal: Build robust, scalable engine that supports all aspects of data-driven medicine that can be packaged and implemented throughout the US healthcare system

Approach: Develop educational materials required to build public trust, address privacy and bioethics, and effectively communicate to patients and clinicians

Deliverables: An open database of longitudinal data for hundreds of thousands of people spanning the socioeconomic, ethnic, and health diversity of the US population
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