Jeff Boore, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

For the last five years, Dr. Boore has been the Director of Translational Medicine for Providence St. Joseph Health and a visiting scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology, in each case working directly for Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, the primary architect of this vision for transforming healthcare. Prior to this, he was a professor at the University of California Berkeley for 17 years, a scientist at Berkeley National Laboratory, the Head of Comparative Genomics at the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI), one of the world’s largest genome sequencing centers, and the founder and CEO of Genome Project Solutions, Inc., a corporation devoted to genomics and bioinformatics. Through these experiences, he has authored 125 scientific manuscripts that have been collectively cited in the scientific literature more than 32,000 times, served on review and advisory panels to NIH, NSF, and USDA, led 23 grant-funded projects, trained scores of postdocs, graduate students, and visiting researchers, and served on the six-member Senior Management Committee of the JGI to manage an annual budget of over $65 million. He created the DOE “Community Sequencing Program,” a $20 million per year project, effectively converting JGI into the world’s premier center for comparative genomics. Prior to all of this, and overlapping somewhat with years as a graduate student, postdoc, and junior faculty, he spent 20 years as an officer in the Air Force and (part-time) Air National Guard, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was educated at the Pennsylvania State University (B.S.) and the University of Michigan (M.S. and Ph.D.), all in biology with an emphasis on genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology.