Imagine a world where we could prevent disease before it begins.

Predict. Prevent. Personalize. Participate.

We are a nonprofit research organization taking a data-driven approach to better understanding human health and biology, tackling some of the biggest challenges facing medicine and healthcare today.

Increase Healthspan
Detect Disease
Quantify Health
Increasing our understanding of the biology of aging through new technologies
Casting a wider net to capture the multidimensional nature of human biology
Leveraging cutting-edge AI to define health metrics that track wellness and disease

Expansive health data, from sleep and activity data to blood panels and genetics, power our predictive analytics and drive the development of integrative health metrics.

Collecting data on individuals over time allows for the earliest recognition of disease, providing the opportunity to employ preventive strategies to stop disease before it starts.

Moving beyond population averages and studying an individual’s behavior, genetics, and environment drives personalized action plans to improve health, maintain wellness, and avoid disease.

We all need to actively participate in our health journeys rather than be passengers, so that we can pursue the enriching activities and relationships that enhance life.

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Shifting healthcare from a disease orientation to a focus on wellness has the potential to be the most transformational change in the history of medicine. Our partner ecosystem is working to catalyze this change through a data-driven, systems approach to health and wellness.

Lee Hood, MD, PhD
Founder and CEO, Phenome Health

We are partnering with leading organizations to drive the future of healthcare.

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