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Everyone has a Phenome

What if we were all born with our own personal instruction manual that showed us how to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life? What if that “how-to” set of instructions was a dynamic reference that changed as we changed,

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Get Your Head in The Game

It is well known that exercise promotes cardiovascular health, helps maintain ideal body weight, prevents and even treats chronic disease. But did you know that exercise also boosts brain health with some immediate benefits? Physical activity changes our brain chemistry

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The Skinny on Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids have become a hot topic. Omega-3 fatty acids have been praised for their health benefits, while omega-6 fatty acids are commonly deemed “unhealthy.” But what exactly are essential fatty acids, and what are the reasons for their

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Data Security at Phenome Health

Today, data privacy and security are front-burner issues. On one end of the spectrum, information flows at record volumes given the accessibility of content and the format people choose to consume and create content, both personally and professionally. On the

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